Premium instant coffee


Seeking something different in your coffee cup?

We all love our coffee, but some days we just can’t be bothered dealing with the complex and messy ritual of making one.

Days when we are living at full capacity and the ritual of preparing a pour over just isn’t a priority.

There are some of us that don’t have the space or budget for an espresso machine and others that just don’t care. Even when we are away from home, or a decent cafe, we still like good coffee but don't always have room for the Aeropress.

When it comes down to it,  some people just want a good brew without the hassle.

I like it strong

Our Approach

We knew most people’s experience with instant coffee has been negative, but wondered if it had to be that way.

The DC team decided to go back to the drawing board and re-approach an Instant Coffee product in our unique way.

First, we attacked it like we would any other coffee product by finding amazing beans.  With our partners at Fairtrade, we found certified Organic coffees from Mexico, Peru and Honduras. Next, we needed to find a roast profile that would make these coffees taste amazing.

The final part was the most complex. In order for you to have an amazing cup we needed to brew it and then freeze dry it, so that when you rehydrate it with water your experience is pure happiness. With a little persistence we got there.