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Sttoke reusable cup

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by DC Speciality Coffee
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With a German-engineered shatterproof ceramic lining and a food grade stainless steel outer, the Sttoke reusable cup is full of features to enhance the coffee experience on the go. A double-layered rubber grip lid and sliding hole makes for a spill-proof lid while double wall insulation keeps drinks at their temperature for 3-6 hours. The smash-proof ceramic lining elevates and maintains the taste so that every sip tastes like the first. A gold winner in the product design category of the 2018 Good Design Awards, the Sttoke reusable cup ensures every sip tastes as good as the first. 


- double-wall insulation keeps drinks hot for 3 hours and cold for 6 hours 

- double-layered rubber grip lid with sliding hole cover to prevent spills

- smooth stainless finish 

- shatter-proof Greblon® ceramic lined interior elevates and maintains taste 

- ergonomic grip for comfortable holding while on the go 


  • We all love old mugs, but they break. Make your gifts memorable.

  • Prevents your mug from sweating and maintains temperature

  • The perfect first sip, coffee flows into all corners of your mouth, enhancing the finer notes.

  • No more "clinks", just light satisfying "thuds" with our slip-proof rubber padding.

  • Lightweight and Portable even for the smallest, most delicate of hands.





Available in 8oz (263ml) or 12oz (355ml)

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