How would you describe your creative discipline?
I am a Scottish illustrator and muralist based in Melbourne, I mainly work digitally in Illustrator and Photoshop but love rolling my sleeves up for big murals in the streets of Melbourne and beyond!

Where would we likely find your work?
I have a few murals around Melbourne and have recently been working on some craft beer labels too which you might see in some fridges around town! Other than that you can find me on Insta @_lynnbremner or at

Tell us about your style?
My style is bold and graphic with off beat colour palettes and intriguing compositions. I am super inspired by people and their unique stories, so I love using characters to tell a narrative.

How did you end up doing what you do?
I've always been creatively inclined but after a long stretch working in hospo swooning over beautifully illustrated beer and wine labels I decided that I really wanted to make illustration my career.

Describe the space where you like to work
I mostly work at home which is equally lovely and a challenge to stay away from constant snacks haha, but I love being surrounded by my plants, unlimited coffee and my beloved books!

What’s the story behind your artwork for the DC Coffee bag?
To me, Fitzroy is a hub for creativity, experimentation, fun and fashion! I definitely wanted to include a bright and vibrant colour palette and a character that I can imagine walking down Brunswick Street!

Why do you believe it’s important to express yourself creatively?
I think we're all creative in our own way and creativity can really transport us to another world, especially with this past year I think we all need a bit more escapism!

What ideas help define your individual approach to life or your work?
I really want to portray an inclusivity and positivity with my work which is definitely something that I live my life by, I believe we can all do our bit to make the world a friendlier place.

What’s your dream brief or project?
I would love to head up the creative for a music festival! (when the world reaches some kind of normality!)

How do you take your coffee?
Double shot oat flattie pls!