There is no one way to do life. It is our differences that keeps things interesting. Creativity comes from expression and culture from creativity. DC coffee is individuality expressed. Each bag of our coffee is a combination of our farmers, roasters, artists and experts expressing themselves through their craft. 

everybody's different, right?

We do things with a left field approach, breaking a few rules and playing with expectations. Our talent and skill has been honed through our deep industry experience and knowledge. 

Our way is about clear communication and no posturing. Straight up as you see us. We are curious, independent thinkers, who explore the edges. 

As a brand we look to celebrate culture and coffee’s connection to it. We do this by curating individual expression through, art, design, music, food, creativity and community across our platforms as Patrons, we want to support those we believe in, through our networks and resources. 


Research and Development: This is where we cup, cup, cup and cup once more for good measure. This is where our green beans are sourced, roast profiles are engineered, blends are conceived and brewing methods perfected.

Consistent Roasting: Our process is streamlined from green bean loading, roasting, packaging and onto delivering the product to your hopper.

Service and Maintenance: Making sure we keep your machine running in top condition is a priority, if it’s failing you then it’s killing our coffee - it’s as simple as that!

Account Management: We want you to do better in your business and so we are here to help. From barista training, keeping you informed about the latest, to just giving you a shoulder to cry on - we’ve got you!