How would you describe your creative discipline?

I work as a freelance digital artist. I am also in my third year studying Games Design at university, so hopefully I will become an artist in that industry too. I have learnt to not force myself as this leads to boredom and creative burnout. But I also need to factor in creative time around my uni studies, so I tend to get my studies completed in the morning then concentrate on my artwork in the afternoon and evening.


Where would we likely find your work?

You can find most of my work on Instagram, @Isabellebeartrix. I do a lot of album covers for musicians both locally and internationally, so you can find a lot of my work within the music community as well.


Tell us about your style.

Bright and funky. I love the psychedelic retro style as this allows me to be free with my colour palette and design choices. My main inspiration is 60’s music posters, and artists such as Robert Beatty and Jason Galea with their work for album covers. But I am constantly evolving in my style and always eager to try new things.


How did you end up doing what you do?

I come from a long line of artists. My father was a cartoonist, and my mother is a glass artist and jeweller. So, it was expected I would inherit the art genes. Illustration was the medium I gravitated to and a few years ago I found and developed my skills in digital art.


Describe the space where you like to work.

I have a studio area in my bedroom. It has good light, easy access to the kitchen and a great record player with hundreds of records, so it’s a good space to create in. Having a suitable work space is essential for keeping creativity flowing.


What’s the story behind your artwork for the DC Coffee bag?

I was first introduced to DC Coffee after browsing the coffee aisle in Coles. The vibrant packaging is what caught my eye and made it stand out from the other brands. So, I decided to go for an abstract style that explored a range of vivid colours to match DC’s signature eye-catching packaging.

Why do you believe it’s important to express yourself creatively?

Just like the fashion we choose to dress in and the hairstyle we choose to rock, our creative style is an extension of ourselves and how we feel. Creativity is a way to make your mark on the world around you by creating unique pieces that reflect yourself, your skills and who you are.

To get that into the world and have it accepted and loved makes us feel like we have a place in our chosen part of society. Sometimes we have emotions and feelings that we don’t express in words and would rather convey in other ways, and this is where our art steps in.


What ideas help define your individual approach to life or your work?

I am always open to ideas in which to better myself, or my art skills and techniques.


What’s your dream brief or project?

I would love to be a part of a design team for a video game or production that features a bright and colourful art style.


How do you take your coffee?

Cappuccino or iced coffee!