How would you describe your creative discipline?
Nostalgic esoteric image engineering!

Where would we likely find your work?
Hidden under a fever dream brought on by sitting too close to the TV, or more directly just through different social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube!

Tell us about your style
Heavy aggressive linework is the foundation that my style resides within, combined with fluro colours, too many highlights and more pink than a late 80s production line of barbies.

How did you end up doing what you do?
I have been a tattooer of 10 years and the entire time messed around with different art mediums and such, now leaving tattooing to focus on art full time, my time is dedicated to making stuff that makes me happy!

Describe the space where you like to work
3% of the time its an organised bliss, the other 97% its a chaotic tide of supplies and projects, wading through the stench of spray paint and blueberry smoothies you might find a complete artwork under the layers of X-Men cards, old retro consoles and stickers that's I don't have the ability to decide where to stick them.

What’s the story behind your artwork for the DC Coffee bag?
Usually I search the Ether for a random concept, but that was already done for me! I had to immortalize the fire monkey. A snapshot from this young heroes past, full attention to the game, fueled by the bean, ready to dominate the digital arena!

Why do you believe it’s important to express yourself creatively?

I'm going to get deep here, I feel personally that creative expression is one of the main points to my life. As humans we live, breed, die, and our young does the same. Slowly evolving, changing and such, but the things we leave behind, the way we can change, inspire or just connect to another through art or being creative in general, is important work. Becoming closer to being gods, just trying to get home.

What ideas help define your individual approach to life or your work?
The idea that this physical reality isn't all we have. It's a very small part of the grand scope of existence. The idea that I can work towards giving others the magical feeling I get through experiencing art is a huge driving force.

What’s your dream brief or project?
Good question!
Brief - Hey dude, I like your style, do whatever you want with this idea / character / theme, go as weird as you want.
Project - I'd love to design and build a ridiculously huge / tall neon intense chaotic Monolith of some description. A power piece that's also a landmark of weirdness and confusion.

How do you take your coffee?
True story, I never drunk coffee until I was asked to do the art for the coffee bag! But now I do drink it! Might sound gross, but I brew some, and pour it into a big jar with cold water and a tiny bit of maple syrup.

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