Our latest Creative feature is @yanyancandyng, artist for our Coles local St Kilda blend packaging.


Tell us about your style
Colourful, playful and cheerful.

How did you end up doing what you do?
It all started out as a genuine interest (or using it as a free pass to avoid talking) in my childhood. I couldn’t figure out what else I was good at in high school except in art. I have since graduated from a graphic design degree and have worked as a full-time Graphic Designer for a couple of years. And then I quit my job and started to work as an Illustrator / Artist because I wanted to develop my own voice.


What’s the story behind your artwork for the DC Coffee bag?

A large portion of my days were spent in St Kilda while working in the neighbourhood for four years. My artwork was based on my memories during that time, to capture moments of what locals / I have done: having a break (or a nap) at St Kilda Botanical Gardens, people watching at the beach, grabbing a burger with your mates and sitting at the park outside Luna Park, cycling to work through Albert Park, etc.


Why do you believe it’s important to express yourself creatively?
Expressing yourself creatively encourages us to learn and to connect to a deeper sense of fulfillment. You forget all sense of time and space and be fully present when you are in the zone to draw or to paint. It is like a therapy, a stress relief and it is good for us mentally. Creativity is a journey of discovery; to face our inner thoughts, emotion, belief, and to the world around us.


What ideas help define your individual approach to life or your work?
I create to make a positive impact – I hope my work can inspire and encourage creative expression or simply make someone smile. A smile can lift someone up, one smile at a time to change the world :)

Choose one: good coffee, good sex or good clothes

🍆 💥

What’s your dream brief or project?
To get to illustrate for a food/drink product and/or a fashion label. 2. Any mural opportunities so I can paint a wall legally :)

How do you take your coffee?

Espresso or Mocha