Introducing the new Brazilian crop by women in the Flowers In Action project which we have had the privilege of sourcing from Minas Hill and roasting in our warehouse. A sweet, fruity naturally processed bean farmed by Pamela Borges, a member of APAS - The Alto da Serra Producers’ Association and one of the women behind Flowers in Action.

Flowers in Action (Flores em Ação) is a project empowering female farmers which recognises their work and commitment in producing specialty coffee. The project created by women, supported by women and focused in women aims to empower female farmers. Flowers in Action encourages female coffee farmers to produce, process and brand their own coffee, showcasing their talent, creativity and journey.

The coffee is sourced from Mantiqueira, South Minas, probably the best regarded and most awarded producing region in Brazil. The region has an ideal micro-climate: rainy during summer and dry during ripeness and harvesting periods. The mountainous area inhibits the use of machines, so coffee is selectively hand-picked.⁠

All revenues from this project go straight to the women involved. This initiative not only values their work but also creates new opportunities in coffee, in their families, communities and association. The project also promotes activities to help their professional and personal development such as courses, seminars, implementation of environmentally friendly farming methods and incentive to join local coffee competitions.

By purchasing a bag of coffee, you'll be supporting the project and the women behind it!

This coffee is no longer available.