We’re pumped to announce we’ll be joining our mates Bonsoy down at the 2024 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach!

Come down to the Bonsoy Kingdom of Froth where you can grab yourself a delicious coffee pairing the Bonsoy milk range with our much-loved Monsoon blend, as you root for your faves and take in the epic atmosphere.⁠

The longest running event in competitive surfing, the 61st running of the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach will take place from March 26 – April 5, 2024. It was an absolute no brainer for Monsoon to be the official blend on offer at the Kingdom of Froth. Not only does it live in the world of surf culture, but it pairs beautifully with plant based milks. It’s a mellow tasting coffee with a sweet fragrance, with waves of musk candy and sticky caramel flavours upon first sip. Unlike the name suggests, this coffee is as smooth as calm ocean waters on a gentle summer's day—the perfect fuel to help you carve up your morning.

The iconic Monsoon artwork has been designed by Sydney-based artist, illustrator, and designer, Cara Jane Diffey, whose work is often influenced by the surf, skate, and street scenes of Coffs Harbour—making her the perfect creative to tap on the shoulder! You can read her artist profile here.

As for the legends over at Bonsoy, they have been crafting premium-quality plant based milks since 1983. Now recognised across Australia for offering the best milk alternative, their range of products—from soy and almond milk to sparkling coconut water—are seen in plenty of cafes and kitchen pantries across the country. But most importantly? Bonsoy just tastes damn good with Monsoon.

We can’t wait for March 26, it’s gonna be a whole lotta fun. Keen to come down? As you should be! You can find out more details on the event here.