The sun was shining, the waves were pumping, and the stoke levels were off the charts at the Bells Beach Rip Curl Pro this year. DC Coffee and our good mates at Bonsoy were right in the thick of the action, fueling surf fans and competitors with delicious coffee creations.

Rookie Cole Houshmand and teen phenom Caitlin Simmers stole the show, taking home their first-ever Rip Curl Pro titles after some epic battles on the water. Congrats to these rising stars!

We spent time serving up sunshine in a cup at the Bonsoy Kingdom of Froth. Here, surfers and spectators enjoyed the perfect marriage of DC Coffee's bold Monsoon Blend with Bonsoy's creamy, plant-based milk alternatives.

But the experience wasn't just about the taste. Surf and coffee lovers were also given a first-look at our new Monsoon Estate bag, designed by Sydney-based artist, illustrator, and designer, @carajanediffey. Cara's work is heavily influenced by the surf, skate, and street scenes of Coffs Harbour – making her the perfect creative partner to capture the essence of the Monsoon blend!

The bag's artwork beautifully reflects the world of surf culture, with vibrant colors and bold lines that perfectly complement the smooth, wave-like flavors of the Monsoon blend. Tasting of orange zest, milk chocolate and deep caramel, this coffee pairs beautifully with plant-based milks, making it a true surfer's delight.

It was an absolute no-brainer for the new Monsoon bag to officially launch at the 2024 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach. Not only did the location resonate with the artwork's theme, but the coffee itself found its perfect match in Bonsoy's plant-based milk alternatives. So next time you're craving an alt milk caffeine hit try some Bonsoy with your DC Coffee.